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Protect your company data with a suitable security concept to meet the requirements for confidentiality and protection of your data and that of your contractual partners. Our task is to provide legal support for your IT security concept, make recommendations and finally evaluate it with you.

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Why is the creation of an IT security concept important?

Companies are increasingly under attack. These attacks are directed against both large and small companies and can cause considerable damage. A well-thought-out IT security concept can protect you from the effects and consequences of such attacks.

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Advantages of our IT security concept

  • Fulfillment of general requirements and framework conditions
  • Setting individual priorities
  • Cost-efficient and effective IT security concept
  • Strategy and contact for emergency situations

What does an IT security concept need?

A holistic IT security concept combines technical and organizational measures and can minimize potential risks and dangers. In this context, it is important that security gaps in the company’s own IT are quickly identified and closed to ensure information security.

Goals of our IT security concept:

1.) Basic IT security

The IT security concept increases the level of protection of your confidential information. Based on a guideline of goals, guidelines and IT security measures, we analyze and accompany your company to protect it as well as possible against threats.

2.) Long-term solutions

IT security concepts are a continuous, sustainable process that can improve information security management in the long term and also define at what intervals which topics need to be reviewed or implemented in the future to anchor continuity in practice.

3.) Avoid system failures

Part of IT security management is also preparing for the event of a loss because the creation of an IT security concept also includes an emergency plan to minimize the damage as well as the recovery time in the event of IT security incidents and to quickly restore the ability to work without unnecessarily hindering reconnaissance.

4.) Identify future threats at an early stage

In addition to handling and defending against attacks, a concept must be in place to deal with future threat scenarios and prevent any negative effects. This includes, for example, specifications and guidelines on who is responsible for which scenarios and which communication processes must be followed (incident response plan)

Legal significance of IT security concepts

The level of IT security is also increasingly being assessed by auditors, shareholders or investors. In addition, customers, cooperation partners, insurance companies and, in some cases, the legislature itself prescribe a certain standard of IT security. As a result, the topic is becoming very important for the ability of companies to act and for their future.

Most important questions about the IT security concept

What is the IT security concept about?
Important company data such as manufacturing processes, know-how, personal data and customer information must be protected. The GDPR sets out the guidelines and obligations for this. Companies must, therefore, always be able to demonstrate how they handle and protect the data of their employees, customers and suppliers. We are happy to support you for a smooth process and sufficient security.
How can I prevent hacker attacks?
To prevent IT security incidents, good preparation is essential. To protect your company (e.g. from cyber attacks), we create not only an IT security concept for daily operations, but also an emergency plan to be able to gradually switch back from emergency operation to regular operation in the event of an emergency, keeping the damage and recovery time as low as possible in the process without unnecessarily hindering reconnaissance.
How does the concept adapt to the ever-changing information technology?
For us, the creation of an IT security concept is not a one-off action, but a long-term monitoring and evaluation of your company's IT security. The measures introduced are carried out according to a defined schedule and are, of course, adjusted as required.
Why is an IT security concept important?
IT security is vital for companies to survive, as IT security risks on a global level are considered the main risk threatening companies today. Therefore, the topic should be taken seriously, and a sustainable IT security concept should be developed.

HWData for your IT security concept

For the best possible information security in your IT systems, we take nine steps to make your IT security concept fit.

  1. Classification of your company data
  2. Definition of the protection goals of the IT security concept
  3. Analysis of the current IT security level
  4. Identification of vulnerabilities and security gaps
  5. Implementation of IT security measures
  1. Clarification of responsibilities and competencies
  2. Communication and training in relation to employees
  3. Regular review and updating of the IT security concept
  4. Preparation of a schedule for the implementation of all measures

Use our experience to your advantage

Use our legal expertise to sustainably increase the IT security level of your company at a reasonable cost. We have many years of experience in the field of data protection and data security, which is why we successfully support many different companies – from start-ups to large corporations. We will also find the right solution for your company.

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Customer feedback Learn why our customers trust HWData.

Since the foundation of Marley Spoon, we have been optimally looked after in terms of data protection. A long-standing and trusting cooperation.
Dr. Mathias Hansen
Head of Legal Department
As a commercial law firm, we have very high requirements in data protection. HWData continuously meets our requirements with its proven expertise in data protection law. We value this support very much and can recommend HWData without reservation.
Dr. Daniel Gubitz
Managing Partner
HWData is the ideal partner, especially for international, complex data protection issues. The communication is straightforward, fast and friendly – we feel safe and top advised!
Claudio Ricci
Managing Director
We appreciate the professional and competent work of HWData, a partner you can really rely on in the field of data protection.
Armin Dörringer
Operations Management
Akademie Handel
We enjoy working with HWData because we always receive quick and competent feedback on our data protection issues. We feel we are in excellent hands with HWData!
Dr. Raphaela Schuster
Managing Director
The long-term cooperation with HWData is characterized by an extremely high level of professionalism and the necessary flexibility and pragmatism for possible solution options. As a medium-sized company, this mix is precious for us.
Emanuel Simon
Managing Director
Data protection, optimally tailored to our specific business requirements.
Martin Spitznagel
Managing Director
We very much appreciate the cooperation with HWData. Problems are solved efficiently, pragmatically, reliably and competently.
Ralf Geer
Head of Final Support / IT

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