Education & training for more security in data protection

European law requires that all persons involved in processing personal data and data protection as a whole must undergo regular education and training. HWData offers you the opportunity to complete these trainings in the form of workshops – digital or on-site.

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Qualify your employees for secure handling of data

In the workshops, we provide your team with knowledge about data protection. What is new? What is there to consider? What is the right way to handle data? What is allowed and what is not allowed? What are the rights? Create a lasting awareness of data protection and equip your employees for everyday work.

Training content

  1. What is data protection?
  2. When and by whom may data be processed?
  3. How may data be processed?
  4. How to determine a privacy risk?
  5. What are the rights and sanctions?
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What we pay special attention to:

  • Legally compliant and up-to-date
  • Customize training content
  • Attractive and practice-oriented content

Advantages of regular data protection training

As a business owner or controller, you have an accountability obligation to comply with data protection legislation, which includes organizational compliance measures. Since every company processes personal data daily, it is an urgent duty to comply with data protection legislation at all costs.

Strengthen IT security

Sensitize employees

Strengthen customer confidence

Avoid violations of regulation

Better protect corporate secrets

Implement legal changes

Our training for your team

Data protection has long ceased to be a niche topic; instead, it affects most employees. Managers, human resources staff, commercial employees and public institutions all have to take care of information security. This applies to the workplace as well as to the home office or mobile working.

Task areas that require data protection knowledge:

  • Reporting requirements and processes for data breaches, as it is often employees who first discover them.
  • Obligations to provide information to data subjects, as customers often contact employees directly with their inquiries.
  • Deletion obligations, as data may not be retained indefinitely.
  • The proper way to deal with regulators to avoid problems.
  • Careful handling of personal data, which is the task of the controller but is usually carried out by employees.
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Overview of the most important issues in data protection:

  1. What is the legal basis for data protection?
  2. What personal data must be protected?
  3. What should be considered when using such data?
  4. What are the characteristics of a safe workplace?
  5. How should documents and end devices be stored correctly?

Most important questions about training & education

Is data protection training required by law?
Currently, the GDPR does not contain an explicit obligation for data protection training, but an indirect obligation for training can at least be assumed. Article 5 (2) of the GDPR establishes the general obligation of the controller to provide evidence of compliance with data protection requirements, which almost automatically leads to the need for companies to train their employees. The accountability for managers and decision-makers in the company (also Art. 5) also leads to an implicit training obligation. Therefore, you should urgently take data protection training for your employees seriously to avoid breaches with the help of data protection-compliant behavior.
How often must data protection training be conducted?
Even if data protection training is not mandatory by law, employees should be trained in data protection at least once a year (even twice a year for data-driven companies) in order to strengthen the knowledge of the workforce in the long term, to avoid penalties and damage to the company's image, and to be able to pass on changes in the law to employees in a timely manner.
Who is obligated to data protection in the company?
All employees who process personal data are obligated to data protection. The GDPR applies to every company operating in the EU.
Who should attend data protection training?
Every person with a company e-mail address comes into contact with personal data, which is why it is advisable to regularly sensitize and train all employees. Depending on the area of responsibility, different focal points can, of course, be set.

Your professional partner in data protection

From external support on complex practical issues to employee training, HWData is there for you. We combine up-to-date know-how and experience in data protection with our legal background to provide you with the best possible support.

Customer feedback Learn why our customers trust HWData.

Since the foundation of Marley Spoon, we have been optimally looked after in terms of data protection. A long-standing and trusting cooperation.
Dr. Mathias Hansen
Head of Legal Department
As a commercial law firm, we have very high requirements in data protection. HWData continuously meets our requirements with its proven expertise in data protection law. We value this support very much and can recommend HWData without reservation.
Dr. Daniel Gubitz
Managing Partner
HWData is the ideal partner, especially for international, complex data protection issues. The communication is straightforward, fast and friendly – we feel safe and top advised!
Claudio Ricci
Managing Director
We appreciate the professional and competent work of HWData, a partner you can really rely on in the field of data protection.
Armin Dörringer
Operations Management
Akademie Handel
We enjoy working with HWData because we always receive quick and competent feedback on our data protection issues. We feel we are in excellent hands with HWData!
Dr. Raphaela Schuster
Managing Director
The long-term cooperation with HWData is characterized by an extremely high level of professionalism and the necessary flexibility and pragmatism for possible solution options. As a medium-sized company, this mix is precious for us.
Emanuel Simon
Managing Director
Data protection, optimally tailored to our specific business requirements.
Martin Spitznagel
Managing Director
We very much appreciate the cooperation with HWData. Problems are solved efficiently, pragmatically, reliably and competently.
Ralf Geer
Head of Final Support / IT

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